Life and Graduation Challenge: Weeks 3 & 4 Update

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sorry it's taken me so long to post an update.  I was on spring break last week, which was heavenly, but I've been struggling to get back into the routine here at school.  This is always the hardest readjustment time for me.  Spring break is just long enough to give you a taste of summer, that it makes it so incredibly difficult to come back.  This year that seems to be proving even truer for me.  We only have 53 days left until graduation (yes that includes weekends) and lets just say senioritis has kicked in full force.  While graduating and moving into the real world is scary, I am so ready to be done with the school work aspect of college.  I cannot write another paper, do another project, give another presentation, or sit through another 3 hour studio course.  I'm plain burnt out.  Unfortunately, I have to push through for another 53 days.  I have one major paper due on Thursday, 2 tests, my senior seminar project/presentation, my portfolio and then I am outta here!  I just REALLY need some motivation.  I need summer.  Or just college without classwork!

I can do this.

As for after graduation, I'm still kind of unsure where I will be working.  I will be shadowing the position I interviewed for a while back, sometime in the next week or two.  While I'm excited to see things moving forward, I have to honestly say it's still not quite sitting right with me.  I'm not sure what it is, but I don't have a peace about taking that job. I'm hoping things will clear up for me after I shadow them.  Luckily I've been offered a position at our Church's day camp, which I am SO excited about.  Either way I'll have a job for the first few months of summer.  As of now, unless something comes up, I think I'll be working at camp over the summer while actively looking for a full time design position.  This job searching thing is stressful! I could really seriously use your prayers.  I also still have the biggest calling on my heart to do full or long term missions in Haiti.  Honestly that scares the ever loving crap out of me, but it's a calling that has been on my heart for three years now.  The other day at church I was brought to tears at the push God was giving me to go forth with it.  I know He wants me there but I don't know if it is now.  And if it is, I have no idea where to start, how to raise funds, where to go, what I'd do there.  There are so many unanswered questions, and the thought of living in a different Country is terrifying (hence the tears).  I just really need all the prayers I can get right now. I want to follow God's calling and I need all the guidance I can get.

As for my graduation challenge update, I am excited to share that after weighing myself yesterday, I have lost another 4 pounds!!!! That puts me at 6 pounds lost in four weeks!!  I was so excited when I saw that number on the scale.  I didn't lose many inches this week, but I did see a 1" loss on my stomach.  So exciting I tell you!!

I've found exercising is becoming less of a chore and more of something I enjoy now.  There was a point during spring break where I didn't work out for two days, and I could really see and feel it's effect.  I got really irritable and anxious after not working out for two days.  Luckily, it only took 40 minutes at the pool to fix that!  I find it hard to work out at home because I'm not a member at a gym, but I still managed to make it work even through spring break.  I will, however, have to get a gym membership once the summer begins.  I'm just excited to see the pounds shedding off.  That's some great motivation! As for the eating portion, I have done really well at cutting all bread out of my diet.  This was not nearly as difficult as I expected.  I am actually having more trouble cutting out fried foods.  I didn't realize how many fried options there are on campus, that can be difficult to avoid.  I'm trying my best, but some days I still give in.  I'm working on it!

Well for now, I have to go finish this paper.  The last long paper of my life.  I cannot wait to have it done!

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