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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

This last week has been an incredibly hard but undeniably amazing journey. In my last blog post I wrote around five sentences mentioning that I feel called to go to Haiti long-term.  I mentioned that I had no idea how/when/where or what I should do there, I just felt called.  It was those five small sentences that truly opened the flood gates for God.  Within an hour of posting on my blog, I was contacted by two good friends giving encouragement and resources on how to start the journey to Haiti.  As it unfolded I just sat in my room with tears running down my face.  If that wasn't God yelling go for it, I don't know what is.  I have never experienced hearing God's voice before, until these last two weeks.  It was not a voice that I could physically hear, it was a push so strong that I couldn't deny it.  It was things falling together so quickly that only God could have orchestrated it.  It was so visibly inhumanly possible, that it had to be Him saying this is where I want you.  I simply can't put into words what it felt like.  It was scary but at the same time the most peaceful feeling I've felt in a very long time.  I still don't know the how/where/what/ or when of any of it, I just know He wants me in Haiti.  I've denied or ignored this calling for three years, and I've finally reached a point where there are no more excuses.  I'm graduating college and have the opportunity to do absolutely anything I want with my life.  I've prayed and prayed that God would send me where he wants me.  While I thought that would be into a full-time design job, God had other plans in mind.  He was faithful and answered my prayers.  He wants me in Haiti, and now it is my turn to be faithful and follow his calling.  I know God, the creator of this beautiful world, will answer all of the other questions in His time.  I know the God who controls every penny that is exchanged in this world, will fund my trip financially when the time comes.  And I know that He will put me exactly where He wants me doing exactly what He wants me to be doing.  I've just have to be willing.  And I am.  Like I said, it's been a hard but amazing week!

Then when I thought things couldn't get better, God proved me wrong again (shocker)!  As you all know I've been dying to return to Haiti (obviously).  Cassie has also been feeling that call.  After all of this went down last weekend, I decided to ask Cassie if she would be interested in going back after Graduation.  We have joked for so many weekends that we're just going to get on a plane and go, but this time I was serious, and so was she.  We had an initial hesitation about whether we could raise the funds or not, but once we looked at how much it would cost, the price from our last trip went down about $600.  We decided if God got us there last time, and wants us there now, he'll provide us with the funds again, so we decided to start planning.  Then it got even better.  When we returned from Haiti last time, my roommates Jessica Rose and Meredith Mirick showed some interest in possibly joining us next time.  After I talked to Cassie, I came back to the room and proposed the trip to them.  Meredith was practically jumping up and down with excitement, and they both decided they want to go this time!  So not only is God faithful in calling and sending Cassie and I back, He has now opened up the door for two of my best friends to join as well.  God is good I tell you! He has used my trips to not only bless the people in Haiti, but also as a tool for me to share His love with my friends.  You think I would have learned by now, but God truly works in magnificent ways and never ceases to amaze me!  So it is official; Jessica, Meredith, Cassie, and I will all be going to Haiti after graduation, on May 15th.  We are going to spend around 10 days there working and staying with Dorothy again.  I cannot express to you how excited I am!  I just want it to be there already!  I want to pull up to Dorothy's gate, give her, Richardson, and Johnny the biggest hugs possible and then make my rounds with all the other kids.  I cannot wait!!!!  Best part of all though, is that while I'm sharing this wonderful place with my friends, I am hoping to make some more connections with the missionaries near Dorothy.  I'm hoping praying that God will use this trip to answer some of the questions for me.  I pray that He will use every single second of our time in Haiti for His purpose.

Now it's just a matter of us all getting our letters written, addressed, and sent out to start raising the money.  I got mine sent out this week, and am helping Jessica and Meredith with theirs.  55 days, Haiti here we come!!!

God is good! 

Please keep us, and our trip in your prayers!

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