Haiti Trip in Pictures (and some words)

Saturday, April 20, 2013

 The guys helped free a car that got stuck on the way home from church.
We spent the afternoon at the hardware store called Eko Depot.
The pool got filled!
Jeannot learned how to take care of the pool.
Which led to lots of jumping off of the roof for the guys!
 The guys did a lot of construction & electrical work.  This outlet created quite the adventure for them.
 The guys built a screened in porch off of the dining room.
 They put up PVC pipes to redirect the off flow of rain water from the roof. This will keep a lot of debris out of the pool.
 Jared made a beautiful fountain on the side of the pool for Debbie (sorry I don't have completed pictures).
 The house I may be living at when I move to Haiti.  Donna is looking at renting this house and then sub-leasing rooms out to people like me!

 The upstairs kitchen.
 Stairs leading down to the first floor.
 The hall on the 2nd floor.
 Main bath on the 2nd floor.
 The balcony off of the master bedroom & guest room.
 The owner of the house talking with Donna.
 The gate that would allow us to lock off our living area (2nd floor) completely from the 1st floor.
 The beautiful architectural details in the main living area on the first floor.
 The owner offered to put up a sliding gate outside of these double doors, & bars on the windows for added protection.
 We made a couple of visits to Dorothy's.
 I got to hug my sweet Johnny.
 Kevin got a taste of what everyday life is like at Dorothy's.
 I got the privilege of being the first person to teach Sophie how to swim.
 We went to a beautiful restaurant called La Reserve on our last night.
 They had a beautiful waiting area with a pool table.
 The whole team plus some guests from Sherrie's.
 My dinner - Filet Mignon
 Dessert - Cookies & Cream Ice Cream
And last but not least, a picture with these two lovely ladies, Donna & Erin.  If everything goes as planned, they will be my roommates in Haiti!!  I'm so blessed to call them both my friends.  We had such a wonderful time catching up & reminiscing about how our paths unknowingly crossed over the last year.

It was a wonderful trip, and I cannot wait to be back down there full time!!  I am now working on meeting with Christian Light Ministries to complete the process of joining their team of missionaries.  I'll be traveling to Jacksonville, FL on Tuesday to meet with them in person. I hope to have everything lined up very soon!! This would allow me to funnel donations so that donors can get a tax deduction.

After I meet & get things in order with CLM, mom and I are going to meet with a CPA to discuss all of the tax information I'll need for this move & fundraising.

Then last, but certainly not least, once those two things are done I will begin fundraising!!  I need to raise around $30,000 to make the move for a year.  If you would like to donate, or know of a church, small group, or other organization that might want to help in my fundraising please let me know!!  I am open to any and all ideas.

This is a God-sized goal. I'm trusting that He will take care of everything!

Thanks again for your prayers & support!

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