Mom for a week :)

Sunday, September 16, 2012

That's right, I'll be playing mom for the next few days!   My aunt Wendy and her husband are going on a little (I'm sure much needed) vacation without the kids.  Since it's school time, she asked that I come house sit and you know, make sure the kids: get fed (without burning the house down), do their homework, wake up for school (not skip like I would've at that age if left alone), and in general don't do anything crazy while the parents are out!  Haha it's going to be a fun few days!  I'm used to babysitting kids age 8 and under, and even got pretty good with handling rising 8th graders this summer. However, high school age is going to be a new and hopefully fun adventure for me this week!  I love my cousins, and always enjoy when they come spend a night at our place, so I'm sure it's going to just be an extended sleepover with a few extra rules enforced. :)

I've always heard babysitting is great birth control, and that's definitely proved true over the last few years.  I'm sure watching teenagers will be even more of an incentive to never have kids!  Haha only kidding. But seriously. 

Don't worry Dee, we will be just fine!  I will make sure they do everything that needs to get done, and have a little fun while doing it :)

Let the adventure begin!

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