Mom for a week: Recap

Friday, September 21, 2012

Seeing as how it is currently 6:35am, I am clearly still on duty.  However, it's my last morning and since I have to wait up to make sure they get to school on time, I figured I'd be productive.  The week has been pretty good.  The only thing I haven't liked so far are these 6am mornings.

What I've learned:

1. I do not miss high school.  In the least!  I've been picking up Rebecca from Drivers Ed. each day this week, and while the first day was nostalgic, the next few simply assured me that I don't miss it.  I watched two boys yesterday have a rap competition.  Oh Northern...!  Apparently the white guy won, go figure!

2. Not only do I not miss high school, but I definitely do NOT miss homework!  I've been missing college a LOT the last few weeks, but after seeing posts on Facebook of people doing late night Norton runs, and watching Adam and Rebecca do their assignments, I'm quite content to be finished with that part of my life.  Ha!  No more papers for me!!!!!

3. I do not miss early mornings (even though my college mornings never started until at least 8).  It's been kind of funny this week.  I wake them up at 6 but no one really gets moving until 6:20.  I was telling my sister that I should just sleep in until 6:20 (for their benefit of course) and then wake them up, when she so graciously reminded me that I used to have to be woken up in spells like that.  Sorry mom for making you have to get up earlier just to call me all of those mornings, I've felt your pain this week! Besides that, I've just learned 6am is a terrible time for me to get up.  Hopefully no employer of mine will require this, for their benefit and mine.  I'm more of a 9 or 10 kind of gal!

4.  I actually kind of enjoyed making dinner for them this week.  At home, I normally would rather go grab a quick dinner than to stand over the stove and cook.  However, this week I've kind of enjoyed it. I think having a new audience, who appreciated my cooking, helped :)!

5. It's been fun getting to spend this extra time with my cousins this week.  I've always grown up going to my Grandma's house, and spending long school breaks or weekends, with the other side of my family there.  This is simply because she lives so far away that we have to make a long trip out of our visits.  Because of this however, I've gotten really close to the cousins on my dad's side of the family.  It's not that they are any more special, or that I love them any more than the other ones, we've just grown up spending so many nights and weekends together that it just happened.  I don't get to see everyone on my mom's side of the family as much, unfortunately.  We all live so close together that we can make our get togethers a day event, so we typically spend the holidays together.  It's been really fun getting to spend this extra time with Adam and Rebecca. It's felt like one of those weeks at grandma's with them.  I've really gotten to see their personalities and spend some quality time simply being their cousin this week.  It's been really fun!

6. This week has made me very grateful for all of the things moms do for us.  Like waking up at the crack of dawn to see us off to school, reminding us of all the little things (like progress reports and picture day envelopes, etc), making our lunches, cooking us dinner, helping with homework, rubbing our backs when we're sick, etc.  To all the moms, especially mine, all the things you do for us don't go unnoticed!  We as kids simply don't take time often enough to recognize them and thank you for being mom.  Love you mom!

7.  And finally, I love getting to go back to bed when they go to school!  I think I'll do that now!

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2 Responses to “Mom for a week: Recap”

  1. A few comments from your mother:
    1.  Re: Getting up early to call your children - - it's what we do because we love you!
    2. Don't count on an employer not needing you before 9 - - just sayin'
    3. The whole cooking thing is always better when you have the time to do it - but even then after awhile, it gets old because you get tired of doing the same old stuff all the time.
    4. Thank you for making it to the age that you finally appreciate me - :) - - Seriously, most Moms wouldn't have it any other way - - We do what we do because we love you. Period.  
    5.  Yes, I cried when I read #6. 

  2. Thank you so much Allyson for taking such good care of my babies. Okay, not exactly babies, but in my eyes they will always be my babies. Adam and Rebecca said everything was great. Just look at all the experience you gained for when you have teenagers. :) I am so thankful that I had you here to help. I never once was worried about them. I worried for you because I know my kids. HaHa Thank you again and again. I love you very much!!