Too Random for a Good Title

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Whew.  It's been a whirlwind of a weekend!  These last few days, while they didn't seem to busy in the moment have worn me out.  After getting back from Haiti on Thursday, I spent most of my day Friday cleaning, doing laundry, and getting my life back in order here in the states.  I washed more clothes than I ever wanted to, did some cleaning around the house, and organized everything back where it goes.  Saturday I spent the majority of my day on the computer downloading, editing, and uploading pictures from Haiti.  I didn't think I took nearly as many pictures this time, but I ended up with over 200!  It's crazy how quickly pictures add up on these trips.  Erin made me dinner last night at their place, which was delicious, and we did a little catch me up on what needs to be done for camp this week.  Since I've been gone for almost two weeks, camp has arrived quickly and there is still a lot that needs to get done.  Most of it is small tedious administrative things, but they are all very important nonetheless.  Today was graduation Sunday at church so I walked for that, did some grocery shopping after church, made lunch, and cleaned the kitchen here at home.  I also cut up a watermelon because I have been dying to have some!  I'm so glad summer is here and all my favorite home grown items will be here soon!

Tomorrow it's back into camp full force.  We've got parent orientation night on Thursday, counselor training Friday and Saturday, and then camp starts next Monday!  I can't believe how quickly it's gotten here.  I am very excited to step into my new roll as assistant director and get to work with a different side of camp.  I love the kids and working with them, but I also love the administrative side of things as well.  I'll get the best of both worlds as the assistant director.  It's going to be a great summer and I can't wait for everything to get started!

On another note, I have decided for now that I am not going to move to Haiti, but instead keep doing short term trips.  I did a lot of soul searching these last two weeks, and have decided it is not my time to move there right now. While I still believe I will do long term missions there one day, I don't think that time is now.  When Dorothy challenged me with understanding the difference between a calling and having a heart for the need, I really began to realize that what I'm feeling is more of a heart for the need than a calling at the moment.  I absolutely love Haiti, I love the kids, the country, and the way of life there which is why Haiti will always play a large role in my life.  For now however, that role is going to be short term trips so that I can truly explore God's calling for my life and determine exactly where and when he wants me there.  I hope to visit different organizations over the next few years to truly get a wide sense of what options are available to me and where I will fit best.  Please keep me in your prayers as I begin this long journey.

Because I have decided to put off moving to Haiti for a while, I am now having to start looking for jobs again.  I searched a bunch of different listings this weekend and applied for four positions.  Two of them are in Raleigh working for furniture companies, and two are in Charlotte as design assistant positions.  I kind of have my heart set on the two in Charlotte right now, as I believe they would both be perfect starting places for my career.  They were the first listings I've seen in North Carolina for entry-level designer positions, so my fingers are crossed that they are still available and I'll hear from them soon!  Please keep my job searching in your prayers!  I need to find a full time position soon!

Also on my last random note for the day, I weighed myself today and I have lost 12 pounds!!  While I did not successfully complete my graduation challenge on time, I am still pushing myself to lose the weight.  It is a difficult and long process, but I am up for the challenge!  Cassie and I are going to be work out buddies this summer and we will be getting a gym membership soon.  For now, I'll have to stick to my walks around the neighborhood and the last two guest visits I can make to the YMCA pool.

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  1. Alllyson  I am so proud of you. Did not get to speak to you today. I know her heart is with those children and I know God will show you where and what your should do.I am sure that the need is great in what ever you feel God is calling you to. Eileen