Meet Helga

Thursday, June 5, 2014

For those of you who have not met Helga… please allow me to introduce you.

Oh yeah, she's a beauty!! (please sense my sarcasm here)

This little bundle of joy was lovingly named while I was in college.  My roommate Jodi had a gorgeous BMW named Heidi (after Heidi Klum - the supermodel), and we decided it was time to give my piece of junk gold a name.  Since she is oh so temperamental, and lets be honest -- the furthest thing from a supermodel, she lovingly became known as Helga.  A little ugly, with a mind of her own, but my mode of transportation nonetheless.

Over the last few years the list of Helga's quirks has grown, and grown!  Things like:  accelerating on her own, missing hub cap, interior dash peeling up, a gear shift button that likes to fall out and disappear, crazy idle issues, and so on and so forth.

Honestly, I never know what surprise she will reveal next, but she's still kicking!!

Today that surprise was completely worn down, on the verge of blowing, tires.  If I'm being honest this wasn't a complete surprise, but I certainly did not expect the level of destruction taking place. Oops!

After searching for tires all afternoon, she is now sporting a brand new set of shiny black tires! All is good in her world…for now!  She is riding like a gem though, so hey she's not a complete loser :-)

The point here is that while Helga can be quite the piece of work sometimes, she certainly has been reliable. Here's to hoping she keeps kicking for another year or two. And hey!  Now with new tires, she better be riding smooth for a while!

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