Stomach Bug with a side of Sinus Gunk

Monday, December 2, 2013

Well folks, we here at HFMS have decided to close our doors for a couple of days.  It seems we've come down with this crazy contagious stomach bug, and I'm also fighting a sinus infection.  Usually once you're 24 hours free of all symptoms it's safe to say you're no longer contagious and can go about normal life.  That however is not the case with this bug, which we clearly learned the hard way. This thing is potent and no joke...hence the reason we are quarantining ourselves (and our house) for the next 48 hours.  Enter if you dare, but don't get mad if you too come down with this thing.

It's been a rough couple of days and I'm about ready to stop being sick.  Hopefully I'll get my appetite back soon so I can start an antibiotic to kick this sinus infection.  Until then, I've got a nice supply of Gatorade, tissues, and TV shows to catch up on. My energy supply is on!  There are tons of things that need to get done but my brain has simply checked out and can't handle it right now.

So, until I'm feeling better, I'm officially taking a couple of days off to rest, recuperate, and get well!

Until then,  Orevwa!

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