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Monday, January 28, 2013

10 days...

Is that really all it's been since my last post?  It feels like months to me!

The past couple of weeks have been packed with all kinds of things.  I've found myself blessed beyond belief amidst all the craziness that has been happening lately.

Last Tuesday I got my wisdom teeth removed.  I've had 19 teeth surgically removed, so I wasn't really worried about having four more taken out.   I wasn't looking forward to having it done, but it needed to happen (while still on mom and dad's insurance :) thanks mom!).   The whole process has been pretty good.  I didn't have much swelling or pain at all.  My jaw has been a little achey, and I don't particularly care for the taste/feeling of the incision site, but that is to be expected.  I'm finally reaching the healing process (Thank you Lord!), and am eager to have my mouth back to normal.

I've also kind of been working over the last month.  A few weeks ago I posted on Facebook that I was looking for some odd jobs (babysitting, design work, organizing, etc) to start saving up for the move to Haiti.  I was shocked at how many people reached out to help!!  I've really enjoyed meeting new people, helping out any way I can, and having something new to do each day.  I've also created some great new contacts through all of this, which will be so helpful when the day comes to really hardcore fundraise!

Lately I've been helping a mom of 5 twice a week.   She just had baby #5 so I've come in to give her some time off to relax, heal, and get things done without five kids screaming her name.  Their family is great and have been such an encouragement.  Her kids instantly opened up to me and it's been really fun every time I've gone to help.  Plus I get to hold and cuddle a 3 week old baby, what's not to love!  Seriously though, it's been such a blessing!

Now I'm starting to help another young woman and her husband with household needs (running errands, cleaning, etc).  I met with her today and was so encouraged to hear how strong their faith was. They have/are setting up their guest room with a Missions theme so that anyone who stays in their home will either be encouraged in their walk with the Lord or have a chance to learn about God.  People always say "your mission field is where ever you are."  This couple has truly grasped onto that concept and it was such an encouragement!

I've found myself the last two weeks feeling discouraged and unsure about the move to Haiti.  Not in the sense that I was questioning it, I just felt like things weren't moving and I SO desperately want them to.  After spending some time in the Word I realized that my feelings of discontentment were because I had let my priorities get out of check.   I had begun focusing on working, money, getting the answers, etc, and I forgot to make God the first and most important priority in my day.  After some serious praying and asking God to help me refocus my thoughts and priorities I can already see an improvement in my mood, outlook, and contentment.   I asked God to light me on fire for Haiti again and show me what step to take next.

No surprise here....He answered!!

On Sunday I was SO encouraged by people at our church.  Lots of people have come up to me to say they are praying for me, and ready to support me when the time comes.  Other families are already saving up to help me in the fundraising.  Another amazing thing: Mom told me that the church of one of her coworkers has committed to supporting me as their missionary for the year. All of that, plus these jobs I've been getting has really encouraged me.  It lets me know that God sees me, and He knows exactly what I need.  He is already going ahead of me and preparing the way.  I am so thankful to serve a God that loves me THAT much!  He has never, and will never, leave me or forsake me.  He knows my needs and provides them.   I feel incredibly, INCREDIBLY, blessed!

And just when I thought God was done encouraging me for the day, I got a message from Amber.  She is on her way back to Haiti and will be staying through April.  Her goal is to get that building, and I am SOOO very excited to see how it all plays out!!  Please join me in covering Amber, this building, and her mission in prayers.  If she can get the property, things will really get moving!  Please pray that God will bless her time in Haiti.  Pray that He will guide her path as she begins the journey to purchase this building.  Please pray that God will provide an affordable property for her to use (even if it's not this one!).  Pray that He will be her strength, comfort, and provider.  Pray that even on the hard days, Amber will feel God's presence and guidance.  God is faithful to hear and answer our prayers;  please please pray!! This is SO important!!

We serve an amazing God.  A-MA-ZING!

I promise my next post will be about how God has gotten me to this point.  It's a big story to tell, and I want to make sure I do justice to it.

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