Not Me Monday (On Tuesday)

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

After spending a glorious four days at the beach hanging out with one of my best friends, I did not struggle at all coming home.

It's super easy to come back after being at the beach.  After all, who would rather stay at the beach than come home?  Not me.

And because it was so easy to come home, it was even easier to go back to work this morning.

I did not push the snooze button twice, or throw my hair in a pony tail to allow myself to sleep in an extra ten minutes. After all, I was so looking forward to my 8am alarm clock and hanging out with kids all day. Like I said, who would rather stay at the beach than do that? Not me.  I love everything about my job.

And because I loved everything about going back to work, I did not enjoy my hour of sanity and relaxation at the hair salon today. Being pampered and having your hair done is no where near as fun as being at work.

I mean come on, there's no way I caught myself at least 100x today wishing I was on the beach, with my best friend.

That would just be silly.

After all, it was so easy to come back.

Nope. Not me.

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