And so it begins...

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My senior year has officially begun.  Crazy how fast time flies when you're having fun.  I cannot believe I am in my senior year of college.  It feels like just yesterday that I was entering high school for the first time. Ironically, I have similar butterflies in my stomach like I did then.  This is a HUGE year for me.  This is where life gets real and and things begin to fall into place.  I'm making decisions like what do I want to become, where do I want to work, what are my priorities going to be in life, where will I live, etc.  It's a pretty scary and overwhelming process to think about.  In only a few short months, I have to enter the real world and make a life for myself.  I can only hope by the end of this year that I feel prepared and equipped with all the necessary tools to be successful in the future.  Pretty crazy to think about.

Until then however, I plan to enjoy every moment of this year.  I absolutely love college and everything about it.  My friends, the laughs, all the things HPU spoils us with, the good times, the hard times, the long nights, and everything in between.  I am living with 3 of my best friends in the entire world this year and am SO very excited for everything we will experience together.  Despite the long nights and hard projects ahead of us, I think this is truly going to be the best year yet.

So ready or we go!

ps. sorry its been so long since my last post. I promise to update way more often now that I'm back at school.  Some posts to look forward to:  

  • New dorm room
  • Erin's wedding
  • Baker Internship
  • Goals for the year

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  1. I'm so proud of you. I know you'll do great and will be VERY successful where ever you end up. Have a fabulous senior year. I love you!!!