Jessica Rose

Thursday, May 26, 2011

I've been meaning to continue my posts about my best friends, and then finals came around and I forgot all about it. So lets continue...

Jessica was my lovely roommate this year. The story of our friendship is pretty interesting but oh so incredible. Last year, the IHFC club on campus (Interiors and Home Furnishings Club) took a trip to Charleston. Jodi, Meghan, and I (the only sophomores on the trip) knew we wanted to share a room but needed a fourth person. Jodi quickly told us how much she loved Jessica, how sweet she was, and that she'd make a great 4th roommate. We all said ok, and off to Charleston we went. It was an incredible weekend, and we all had a blast. Jodi was right, Jessica was a very sweet girl and we all got along great. However, to be honest lol we never really hung out or saw each other again that year (mainly because of projects). When it came time to choose housing for our Junior year, Meredith, Katy, and I decided to live together. I didn't have anyone to share a room with, so we just left it up to the school to choose. The person they put us with first, was well....just not going to work. So I asked the school to find another option. Little did I know that they would email me later that summer saying Jessica Rose was my new roommate. My first thought was please let it be the same Jessica, and it was! I was so excited to know the person I was living with, but I had no idea it would turn into such a great friendship. After that, the rest is pretty much history. Our year was great, we got along SO well, and have become such great friends! So here are a few of the things I love about Jessica:

  1. She has the most incredible time management skills.
  2. She is the CAD/Revit/Design princess!
  3. She is just as much of a neat freak as I am.
  4. She is my crafting/creativity buddy.
  5. She loves Army Wives.
  6. We walked between Chase and Trevor together. (that's where our true friendship began.)
  7. She and I can sit up into the wee hours of the night talking without ever running out of things to talk about.
  8. She is always on time for our 11 o'clock chats with Meredith.
  9. She understands what I'm thinking with just a glance of the eye.
  10. She will sit and listen to us rant about anything relating to Design.
  11. She, more than anyone, shares my love of hanging out and laughing at all the crazy things Meredith does/says.
  12. She is the best eavesdropping partner anyone can ask for!
  13. She and I share a deep love of the nights when we get to close the curtains.
  14. We can both easily sleep until 1pm.
  15. She has a boyfriend who understands color-ways and their importance.
  16. She will gladly lock herself in a room with me for tear-jerker sundays.
  17. She has gained an official, and coveted spot as the 5th member of the ID5.
  18. She passed Meredith's initiation.
  19. She has slept with both me and Jodi now.
  20. She's living with us next year!
  21. She is always up for an ice cream trip to norton.
  22. She loves to play tricks on people.
  23. She taught me everything I know about how to navigate Market.
  24. She's not afraid to explore and take ridiculous pictures with me (especially at market).
Jessica, thank you for helping make this my best year of college yet! I could not have asked for a better roommate or friend. Thank you for listening to my countless hours of random thoughts, and being for there for me when times got hard. You are one of the sweetest, most loving, understanding, and patient people I know. I'm so happy to call you my friend and cannot wait for next year! Love you and I miss you!

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2 Responses to “Jessica Rose”

  1. Neat Freak? Now there was a time that I would have NEVER put "neat freak" in the same sentence with "Allyson Hemric"! Ah, change can indeed happen!!! ;)

  2. HAHAHHAHAH! I loved the comment about her being a great eavesdropper with you! i love you both and miss you guys! cant wait until next year :)