God's perfect timing

Thursday, May 19, 2011

As I mentioned in my last post, God truly shined through when it came to getting this summer course. This may seem like a small thing to some of you, and I'll be honest, I almost overlooked it myself. But the Lord came through, like he always does, and I'd be a fool to not share how he blessed me.

So a few weeks before the end of my semester, I happened to check my class records to make sure I was on track, and kind of get an idea of what my final year of college would look like. Much to my surprise, as I read through and wrote down everything I needed, I quickly realized that I was not going to graduate on time. Somehow I was 2 classes behind, and lets just say I had a minor freak out. I quickly scheduled an appointment with my advisor and we walked through each class. I was going to have to take a full semester load both semesters and still have to take one course over the summer. There were two issues I had with this:

1. I had paid a LOT of money for my schooling and it was infuriating that I now had to pay for a class outside of school.

2. A full course load 2nd semester next year, meant stress times 100. Senior Seminar is 2nd semester and that class could be a full course load by itself.

So I called my mom, and basically decided that I'd try to get into 2 courses this summer: Biology and Sociology. I looked up classes, found some I was interested in, got them approved by the school, and sent my applications in. At this point, I thought I was good to go. Wrong. Once I got accepted at A&T (where the Bio class was) I put the form in to be entered into that course and got a quick response that the it was full. My heart sank but I didn't give up. I emailed the professor, explained my situation, and thought he would let me into the course. Wrong again.

So since Biology was full, I tried for Sociology. That class was full too. Apparently I had applied too late and it was looking like I was out of luck for both classes. Now I was beginning to really worry, and had another minor freak out. So I prayed, and prayed and was left basically to trust God to handle things. I had almost given up when my aunt recommended checking NCSU for my classes. I looked and they had a Sociology and a Biology class. I was feeling a little better and thought things were looking up again - I wasn't completely wrong this time. My school, refused to approve the biology class but they would approve sociology. I desperately wanted to take my Biology over the summer because it's so hard to fit in with my studio courses at school, but I figured I would at least get one class done, and could graduate on time. So I applied, got approved, registered, and paid for the class. I wasn't thrilled with the situation but it was better than nothing, and I thanked the Lord, and put it all on the back burner as I finished up the semester.

It wasn't until last week that I really thought about my summer class at all. While working at the Church, I got a call from my A&T advisor (where the first bio class was), saying that a spot had opened up for the Biology class and if I wanted in, all I had to do was pay. I was SO excited but had to take a step back and really look at things.
  1. I had already paid for my sociology class.
  2. I had to take an extra class 2nd semester next year so there was no point in taking 2 classes this summer if I was going to have to pay for another one at school anyways.
  3. Money is pretty tight so I definitely couldn't pay for two classes this summer.
  4. If NCSU wouldn't give me my money back for the sociology class, I would have to stay in it even though I desperately wanted to take Biology instead.
I called my mom, explained what was going on, and then quickly called NCSU. It was 4 o'clock at this point, so I knew my time to catch someone in the office was running out. I contacted NCSU and they said that since the class had not started yet, all I had to do was drop it from my schedule and they would give me a full refund of my money. A FULL REFUND! Now come on, you can't tell me that's not God's handy work right there! I was thrilled! So I quickly called A&T back, she added me to the Biology course, and the next day I was able to pay.

God is SO good! He got me into the class I needed, I will be able to graduate on time, I won't have to take a full course load with senior seminar, and by getting into this class he saved me almost $150!

Thank you Lord for your blessings and watching over me every step of the way. Thank you for hearing and answering my prayers. Even in the smallest things you are faithful and I'm so thankful for everything!

"But those who wait for the Lord will gain new strength; they will mount up on wings like eagles, they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint." -Isaiah 40:31

"For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord. They are plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you a hope and future." -Jeremiah 29:11

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