You know your an Interior Design major when...

Thursday, March 3, 2011

  1. Spending less than 5 hours in the design building is a quick night of work.
  2. You find drafting tape stuck to your clothes.
  3. It's normal to have a bunch of fabric fibers on your clothes.
  4. You have a shelf of bins in your closet designated to file your resources such as fabric, tiles, paint samples, etc.
  5. You have to explain on a regular basis that rendering is not coloring.
  6. You yell out during a movie "that's a barcelona chair!"
  7. You analyze the space planning of every restaurant you dine in, and always find a way to improve it.
  8. You could pay for college with the amount of money you've spent at hobby lobby.
  9. You have a steady supply of rubber cement, foam core, matte board, x-acto blades, and tape on hand at all times.
  10. Your dreams consist of how to improve the current project your working on.
  11. You'd ask just about anyone for a back massage- you'd do anything for one.
  12. You have to check your bag before going through security to make sure you took your utility knife out- because you know it's always in there!
  13. You keep a measuring tape on you at all times.
  14. You cringe at being called a decorator, and always find a way to correct and educate the person on the difference between the two.
  15. You have visible scars from your drafting tools.
  16. You cut yourself with an x-acto blade and your first thought is "please don't let there be blood on my project."
  17. You understand that there is no such thing as too much caffeine.
  18. Your professional wardrobe never seems to be big enough for all the events you must attend.
  19. You watch HGTV and think "Oh I can do that."
  20. Your normal handwriting becomes quick lettering.
  21. You're funniest stories happen during your 2am IHOP runs with your design girls.
  22. You have the best support group of friends anyone could wish for.
  23. You can read this and relate to everything i've said.

If you can think of something i've left off let me know!

Love my design girls!

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One Response to “You know your an Interior Design major when...”

  1. you know you're a teacher if you notice your sister's one minor typo: #10 "you're" :)