10 Days and Counting...

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Until SPRING BREAK! I am so excited!! It feels like I've been in school with no break for a really long time, and a nice relaxing week at home is needed for my sanity. I find myself getting very overwhelmed with school work lately, and I cannot wait to take a week off! I'm looking forward to relaxing at home, enjoying home cooked meals, hanging out with friends, helping my sister with wedding planning, and sleeping in. Oh spring break, please hurry up and get here!

Until then... I will be in one of the most chaotic weeks of the school year- Midterm Time!
Yep, around here in the Interior Design world, this is when teachers load you up with projects, and regular teachers load you up with tests. I've got my second psychology test, first Ethics test, cumulative residential project, and my lamp creation for Lighting.

I will also enjoy steakhouse at least once more (hopefully twice), get my resume finalized, hopefully line up a job for market, take an interviewing class, and hopefully have some time to relax during all of that.

Like I said: 10 days and counting!

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