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Sunday, December 12, 2010

WARNING: This posts consists of random thoughts, rambling, and venting. You've been warned...

It's finals time and the stress is in full force. This semester has been really easy up until now. I still don't understand why teachers wait until the last minute to throw in every project possible. My English teacher assigned us an 8 page paper, 2 take home essays, and 2 other essays to write on the final- is that necessary? I think not. But on a positive note, I finished all 5 essays and my English final and am proud to say that I will never have to take another English class in my life! HALLELUJAH!!!

On another note, Christmas break is just around the corner. Where has this year gone??? Almost a year ago I was a mess over my break up and now I'm happier than I've ever been (more to come on that later). Crazy how time flies! I'm so thankful for all I've experienced this year and I can't wait for Christmas- it's my favorite holiday! Plus I get to enjoy a whole month at home. Oh how I love being home!

Also, it hit me today- I'm going to Ethiopia in a few days!!! Ethiopia! What?? I've been preparing and raising money but up till now, the reality of this trip has not set in. In 21 days I will be boarding a plane to Ethiopia with Chris, Jamison, and Trey. Have I lost my mind? This is going to be the most interesting mission trip ever. I plan on taking a pen and paper everywhere with me to write down all the ridiculous things that happen- should make for some fun blog posts! I just can't believe I'm going to Ethiopia! So much to do before our trip!

And can I please point out that half of my Junior year is over! College is going by too fast! I'm not ready to live in the real world yet. I enjoy our piece of heaven here at HPU. I mean who wouldn't love being able to walk down stairs to a movie theater and arcade, or down the hall to a sports bar and bakery, and just upstairs to a 5-star steakhouse! I mean come on, this should be real life!

3 more exams stand between me and home! Oh how I miss home!

Ok I think that's all for now.

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