Not me Monday (on Wednesday)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I did not go shopping instead of working on my paper yesterday. I am always studious and never procrastinate. Therefore I am not writing this post instead of working on my paper.

I did not eat in my room last night because it was too cold to walk to the Cafe. I would never be that lazy.

I did not go to Food Lion tonight with my roommate just to find out why there were 4 fire trucks, and ambulance, and 2 police cars outside. And there is no way we would pretend to have money and come up with an excuse to go inside. We'd never be that pathetic or nosey.

I did not wear jeans and a t-shirt to class today so I could sleep in an extra 10 minutes. And I was definitely not late because I slept in. I always get up early enough to make myself look presentable and still get to class on time. I'm never late.

Nope. Not me.

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