Brain Dump: Job Edition :)

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Wow…has it really been THAT long since my last post?  I feel like I just blogged my official notice of leaving Haiti yesterday.  Where has the time gone?!

Actually I know exactly where its gone:  to one of the 5 different jobs I'm working this month! And yes, I really do write that with excitement!

Most of the last three weeks have been spent working part-time at Michaels. I'm not super proud of myself for this position, but it's paying the bills, and the employee discount is pretty sweet! I am very grateful for this job though, and I am so thankful for God's provision and timing with this placement.  It won't be a forever job, but it's what I need right now. I also love the staff there, and it has been fun so far which makes working that much more enjoyable! Getting out of the house and back to some normality with life/my back has also been wonderful.

I'll also be working with/for three other people this month (and hopefully part of next) doing various different jobs for them: i.e. errands, data entry, cleaning, child care, etc.  I hadn't planned to take these small odd jobs, but God placed them in my life at just the right time - don't you just love how he does that?!  I was beginning to worry about my student loans and other bills, and literally within days of each other, these offers opened up.  I'm trying SOOO very hard to get my budgeting goals in line as well as get my student loans paid off quicker rather than later so these three jobs are a huge blessing!

With that in mind, I am also really excited about a part-time commission based position I was offered -- or rather am in the process of being officially offered. I'm pretty excited about this one seeing as how I could pay off my student loans in the next year or two if I can get good at it!!!! That would be SO amazing! I will also get to work from home and make my own hours with this position, and depending on my success it could potentially become something full-time later down the road.  The best part is that this position is with a company I believe in and has a missions emphasis; how perfect right?!  What a dream come true it would be to get paid to do missions!  The future part is in God's hand, but for now I am just grateful for the opportunity and excited to see where it leads. More details to come on this once the offer is official and accepted :)

The last couple of weeks have certainly been a whirlwind, but it sure does feel good to get back into the workforce.  I can't wait to see what comes next!

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