Excited for HPU!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

2 weeks and counting until I return to High Point. I had been dreading it, but after talking to the girls from design i'm so excited to go back!!! I'm almost on the verge of saying I miss norton (shocking i know!!)t. I don't know if I'm there quite yet, but I can definitely say I miss all the fun and laughing that takes place in norton every night. I miss the hilarious break-downs from stress, the unbelievably funny quotes/stories that come from meredith, our 2am diner/I-Hop runs, dinner dates, shopping trips, singing/dancing concerts on the CAD tables from Jodi, long late nights of procrastinating with Megan Steele, and unbelievably crazy searches for the magic purple roads. I can't wait!! Let Junior year begin :) :) :)

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