On the Job

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Sorry for the long break of silence... I clearly have not been doing so well on the blogging goal lately.  Since I'm sure you're just dying to read an update, here goes!

I started a new job with Duke Temp, near the end of August, working at the front desk of the UCAE office in the Bryan Center.  UCAE stands for: University Center Activities & Events, which basically means this is the go-to place for events and Student Involvement.  We work with student organizations on campus, help plan events, manage room reservations, and plan all of the big student events (like the Activities Fair and First Big Weekend that happened last week).   My specific job duties cover all of the normal front desk/reception roles.  I've also begun taking on more administrative support roles by assisting with specific projects in the office, and am also in charge of managing the student workers in UCAE. I'm really enjoying working here, and have applied for the full-time permanent position that just opened - Fingers crossed I'll get it :).

Honestly though, this is the most fun I've had working in a very long time.  It's a great fit for me, and I am so thankful Mama Barb and Uncle Don talked me into applying with Duke Temp!  Here's to hoping I'm employed permanently full-time very soon!!!!

Other than that, life has pretty much been carrying on as normal.  Helga (my car) is still temperamental as usual, but once I get a permanent position I will finally be able to consider getting a new car!!  Lets hope she can hold out a few more months though.  I'm also beginning to entertain the idea of getting an apartment, and if you know me, that is the most exciting idea ever!  Having my own space, designing my space - my way, organization... seriously yall I can't contain my excitement that this may really be a possibility soon!!!!

Until then, it's back to reality and continuing to save up for those big steps!! 

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2 Responses to “On the Job”

  1. Good luck getting the permanent position! I started as a temp at Duke, and it worked out very well for me. Sending prayers your way!

    1. Thanks Kelly! My fingers are crossed!!