12 Signs that I'm getting old...

Thursday, October 28, 2010

1. I find myself thinking "when did they get so big, I still remember when they were babies"

2. It seems completely wrong that my cousins are teenagers, getting mustaches, and becoming young adults.

3. I can no longer ride all the fast spinning rides at the fair without regretting it.

4. I'm graduating college in a year and a half!

5. I turn 21 in less than 6 months!

6. I can no longer make a spur of the moment purchases. I have to carefully plan out and really decide if what i'm buying is a necessity.

7. I buy my own groceries, clean my own bathroom, and do my own laundry.

8. I've realized that real life can and will hurt, but it does get better.

9. I find myself thinking "I hope I didn't do that when I was their age"

10. My relationship with my mom and sister has gone to a whole new level, to that special relationship it should be.

11. I choose comfort over style more each day.

12. I've realized i'm growing up and as scary as it is, I'm really excited to continue the journey!

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One Response to “12 Signs that I'm getting old...”

  1. I really like #10! :o) I love you so much!